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Darts is a popular game in which darts are thrown at a dartboard hung on a wall. As well as being a fun home activity, darts is often played in pubs in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Australia and NZ and the USA.

Darts are made of metal and generally have plastic vanes. Dartboards are made of sisal fibres and the darts do little or no damage to the board as they just part the fibres. Darts is usually contested between two players who take turns in throwing up to three darts.

Professional darts has received increasing interest over the past 20 years and now many contests are televised in the UK, Netherlands and Finland. There are two professional bodies controlling professional darts competitions - the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and the World Darts Federation (WDF.

Darts is a fun home activity for adults and children, developing hand eye coordination. As the dartboards are generally permanently mounted, the game requires no set up time and kids can be playing within minutes.

The Abbey Sports online store is coming soon. We will be selling a range of indoor sports equipment and games as well as stocking beginners and professional darts and dartboards. Call back soon.

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